Learning from home

We are keen to provide some guidance on the types of things you can do at home during this period to enhance and encourage your child's learning and development. Please use Tapestry at this time to record your learning and activities.

We understand that the Summer term is an important one for our Pre-School children especially. However, rather than worrying about them not being prepared for school, please rest assured that making lots of new and exciting memories with you at home will be just as important for them. Value this time you have with them and try and see it as a positive aspect of this rather challenging time.

Below are some websites and resources that may help you keep your child entertained and educated throughout this period. 

Mr Thorne Does Phonics

Mr Thorne Does Phonics is a fantastic phonics resource. Mr Thorne is an English Primary School Teacher and he is helped in his videos by his trusty sidekick, Geraldine the Giraffe. We would advise you start with Mr Thorne's 'Alphabet Series', specifically focusing on the letters S, A, T, P, I and N. Watch the videos with your child and see if you can find objects in your home that start with these letters. The great thing about Mr Thorne is that he uses the correct vocabulary when describing the sounds. Words such as phoneme, grapheme and digraph - all words the children will be expected to learn when they start school in September.


NRICH have some fantastic mathematics games and ideas to get children doing mathematics, without even realising it. It is a great resource as it tells you the sort of questions you should be asking your child during specific activities, as well as providing you with a list of resources you may need. Sometimes we can get a bit preoccupied with children 'knowing their numbers', but there is so much more to explore with mathematics. From weight, time, shape, measure - maths is not just number. If your child finds an activity difficult, try it again the next day. Quite often children need a new idea repeating to them several times before they fully understand it. If they are still not sure, try and simplify it for them, or move onto something different and come back to it another day.

Reading and the EYFS

Reading to children is one of the key ways we can ensure areas of the EYFS are being taught in settings. Children love books. They love listening to stories. Stories help them understand how the world works. It can make big concepts easy to understand. Twinkl's Book List is an extensive, categorised list of books that can help children to understand all kinds of topics. From books on Dinosaurs to Emotions. You may even have some of these books at home already. If your child has a specific interest, choose a book from the same topic and try to plan activities around it. If they are interested, they will want to learn. 

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